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Answer me this…

How long since you updated your website?

I know, I know. You're flat out looking after your day-to-day business. But maintaining a website is essential. Not only for your search engine rankings, but to protect against security risks. If you haven't updated your software in years, your website is at risk.

Are all your links still working?

The more dead links you have on your site, the lower you will rank when a search engine crawls your site. Besides, links that don't go anywhere, email addresses that no longer work, images that no longer appear, are all bad news for visitors – they just won't persevere with your site. And you will have lost them forever.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Research shows that more than 52% of searches occur on mobile phones or tablets - and that is probably a lot more when tourists are involved. So if your website isn't responsive, uses frames, or has text and images that are not optimised when viewed on mobile devices, you're really missing out.

Does your business have a Facebook page but no website?

Big mistake. For a start, you lose control. Particularly as Facebook has stated they want to return to their core function of bringing people together. It is increasingly hard to customise and show off your unique style on Facebook, whereas with your own website you can give potential customers a good sense of who you are and what you offer from the very first page.

Remember, not everyone has a Facebook account. Only 59% of the 65 and older age group are on Facebook. Even worse, young people are decreasingly using it. In fact, in September 2018, it was estimated that 44% of those aged 18–29 have unfriended Facebook.

The best users of social media for their business see it as an adjunct to their core website and integrate it into their communications. A good website instantly adds credibility and value to products and services.

Is the company that developed your site still around?

Many website designers come and go, and that makes it harder for you to update your site, keep it safe from malware and offer help when it's needed.

We've been in the communication business for over 30 years, and involved in website development from the very start of the world wide web and its emergence as an essential business tool.

If any of that rings a bell, read on…

We will put together a website for your business from as little as $1100 for four targeted areas covering: Home, Your Product, About Us and Contact Us.

You will get a professionally-designed site with a customised Joomla template that you can manage yourself and that can be expanded as you grow.


  • Professional design
  • Built on stable Joomla CMS
  • Customised template
  • Fully responsive across desktop and mobiles
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Hands-free maintenance packages

No need to worry about the time it takes to keep your site safe and relevant. Our maintenance packages start from just $80 per month (ideal for small businesses). It includes once-a-month uploading of new text and images, as well as installation of any security updates required by the management system, as needed.

Once every month, you receive an automatic notification for the photos and text you wish to include for any new projects, events, etc. That way, you can spend more time on growing your business and less time modifying your website.

Uploaded to your host’s server

We do not provide a hosting service as, in our experience gained over 20 years of web design, hosting as part of a package is less than ideal. Many host servers can be too slow, hard to reach for technical support when needed and not always around for the long run.

If you are happy with your current hosting provider, we will upload your new website to their servers and bed it down for you, testing all is well before going live. However, if any of the above problems sound familiar, we can advise on the right host for you - one that is secure and flexible and is able to provide prompt support for years to come.

Need a bigger site?

If you have a more complex site, or need any other kind of advertising or communication, we can handle that too. Send us a brief or arrange a meeting. We are always happy to talk and whatever the size or specific requirements of your site, whether it is building awareness of your business, ecommerce or accommodation, we will respond with a comprehensive quote and develop a website that stands out.

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